Meet The Team


We are a family run business and we all chip in. We are a team.

My husband, Tim, is a mechanic by trade but is also a dab hand on the till. He makes a lovely brew & loves a good natter with customers, he can often be found helping out on weekends. He supports Wolves, I apologise.

My son, Reece. He loves to help and can often be found making a mess somewhere within the shop during school holidays or weekends, he calls this helping!. He is very talkative and loves to tell you all about his favourite toys and hobbies. Say Hi if you meet him as he loves to chat, especially about crystals, unicorns and bath bombs.

My Mother, Pauline, helps with school runs & also works one day a week within the shop. Please be patient with Mother, she is not a fan of our electronic till or card machine, she is an asset to Mothers Goodies though & we wouldn’t be without her. My Mother is especially knowledgeable about spiritual, pagan & new age subjects should you need any assistance. Pauline is also the lady to ask about crystals & salt lamps. If you want to impress her she loves a good take out DEcaFF coffee.

Teagan is my weekend helper. Teagan is our youngest team member and is super friendly, kind and helpful. She is still learning so may need to ask for help as she is not yet as knowledgeable as some of the team.

Mel has been part of the team over 12 months but is our newly appointed manager at Mothers Goodies. Nothing is too much trouble for Mel, she will go out of her way to help you, she is very attentive & a huge asset to Mothers Goodies. Mel still has a lot to learn about some of the products but she keen to learn and is particularly interested in aromatherapy oils and natural healing, Mel loves citrine and has a slight obsession with pink salt rock candle holders, which is great news for Mothers Goodies. If you love handmade speak to Mel, she is a dab hand at crafting and is now offering personalised decorations, handmade family free frames and personalised cards at Mothers Goodies.

Of course, me. Dawn Jones. I am “The Boss” as they call me. I make all the candles, bath bombs & wax melts. I put my heart and soul into the shop & truly love what I do.

I hope you love our team as much as I do x