Meet The Team


When we say we are a small family run business we really are. Say Hi to our team.

My husband, Tim. Tim is a mechanic by trade but is also a dab hand on the till. He makes a lovely brew & loves a good natter with customers, he can often be found helping out on weekends. Tim does so much for our business behind the scenes and we couldn’t manage without him. He makes all our shelving for the stock, regularly does recycling runs for us & is always at the ready with his drill & toolbox to help out when needed.

My son, Reece. He loves to help and can often be found making a mess somewhere within the shop during school holidays or the odd weekend. Reece calls this helping!. He is very talkative and loves to tell you all about his favourite toys and hobbies. Say Hi if you meet him as he loves to chat, especially about crystals, unicorns and bath bombs.

My mother, Pauline. Pauline or Po as she sometimes goes by helps with school runs & also works one day a week within the shop. Please be patient with Mother, she is not a fan of our electronic till or card machine but she does her best. Mother is an asset to Mothers Goodies & we wouldn’t be without her. Pauline is especially knowledgeable about spiritual, pagan & new age subjects should you need any assistance. My Mother worked in the shop many years ago when it was previously owned Solstice she literally is a fountain of knowledge.

Teagan is our weekend helper. Teagan is our youngest team member & has been with us over two & a half years. T is super friendly, kind and helpful. Teagan doesn’t work many hours as she is a busy bee at college but she is a much needed & loved part of our team.

Say Hiya to Jo, Jo works for us on weekends, she only does a few shifts a month so you may not always see her but Jo works hard working two jobs & being Mom to her beautiful children. Jo is one of our best customers as she absolutely loves bath bombs, candles & jewellery. Should you need any advice on which bath bomb to choose, ask Jo, she has tried them all.

Jo is super friendly & bubbly.

Say Hello to Mel. Mel is manageress at Mothers Goodies and is an integral part of Mothers Goodies. What to say about Mel, well, she is very much loved & liked by all the customers as nothing is too much trouble for Mel. Mel is the lady to talk to about Himalayan salt products & handmade items as she is a dab hand at card making & loves anything made from pink salt!. Mel takes a good interest in natural healing, aromatherapy & crystals, but is still learning. Mel is also very knowledgeable on bath bombs & our candles should you need a fragrance recommendation.

Mel is very much part of the team at Mothers Goodies & we are lucky to have her.

I have left myself until last. So, here is me, Dawn Jones the face behind Mothers Goodies. I am the owner and creator of Mothers Goodies Candles & Gifts, or “Boss” as the girls call me. I am very much a working mom & I love it. Before work, I can be found on the school run then it’s off to shop to do some creating & making then after work off home I go to be mom & wifey.

All of our bath bombs, candles & soy wax melts are created & handmade by me, but first, they must be safety assessed & approved. I am proud to say we are fully assessed, 100% vegan, safe & compliant, so, when I’m not in the shop I am most likely busy at home doing admin.

I hope you love what we do at Mothers Goodies as everything I make and create is for you.